Monday, August 07, 2006


Rick and I put an offer on the house yesterday – well, they rejected the offer out right without even a counter offer. It was a strange situation to begin with – they’d only been in the house 3 months but were asking 20K+ over what they bought it for. We offered exactly what they paid for it 3 months ago and had already made the decision that we weren’t budging. Well apparently, neither are they! However, neither of us is really upset by it – we don’t HAVE to move, and we truly believe that the right thing happens at the right time – after all, we met in 1989, spoke maybe three times over the nearly three years we were stationed in Korea, and 10 years later, remet and married! So we have a hard time getting upset over things like houses. At least I SERIOUSLY decluttered our house in preparations for listing it (we’re not now) and that felt good! Things are so organized now!

The boys left this weekend -- Ryan on Sunday and Colin today. I'm going to have a very unhappy little boy for a while. He totally loves his big brothers and they're just awesome with him. And I'm going to miss them, too. We had a great time while they were here.

Time slipped up on me and THIS WEEKEND is a big show in New Jersey, so working working working! I made some really awesome chain maille last night and will be sitting down today making bracelets -- my necklace box is getting heavy enough that I need to get another one or suffer a herniated disc!

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