Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fun day with the kidlet

Yesterday I was working and SNAP, broke my crimping pliers. Crap. So I went to Zack's preschool early, got him, and headed across the bridge to Annapolis to Michaels in search of a new pair. I could have gotten them locally, but Zack had been carrying around this ad for Magnetix for the past few days, even sleeping with it, and I knew Michaels had them, so off we went.

I've started giving Zack the "Dora the Explorer" list of things to do (if you have never watched Dora, you're lost) -- bascially, saying, here are the three things we need to do, and then listing them like they do on Dora. I'm finding that it works well with Zack, who is so schedule-oriented. So we had our list -- "Pliers. Flowers. Toy!" and we got done with NO problem and I even had time to browse at TJMaxx for some new booth supplies.

Tonight I am heading to ClayBakers with Kelly to paint another bowl for my booth. After this morning (play date at my house, four little kids and a baby) we both need it! Wheeeeee.... big difference from my experience with Zack yesterday. But isn't that the fun of motherhood? It's the hardest job EVER but also the best. Especially when you get those "I wuv you too" whispers.

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