Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Declutter Day

Well I finally got the few photos we had of the house up on yesterday's blog. The real estate agent came by our house today and I spent the bulk of the day doing a massive reorganization. The thing that's been tough here is running a business in three different rooms, with a three year old! If we manage to get this other house, there will be a ton more room for things.

As it was, I filled six huge yard bags full of STUFF (how did we get so much STUFF?) and got a ton done. The shipping closet is totally redone, the craft closet is organized within an inch of its life, etc etc. My desk, well, that remains another subject altogether, but overall I'm very pleased. And if they don't take our offer, it was high time I did a huge clear-out.

Leaving you with a photo of some awesome beads I got a while back -- I was reminded of them because in my cleaning, I found the ones that I hadn't used yet -- they're made by Canadian artist Carrie Hamilton and I waited patiently until she had time to make these for me and let me tell you, they were worth the wait! I made myself a necklace with a bunch of them -- it's a keeper!

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