Saturday, August 05, 2006


Some people were asking for photos of my two cats, so here they are:

Max is a rescue kitty -- he's the shy one that runs whenever little kids or loud noises appear. He's about 7 pounds if he's lucky, and I got him in 1999. He's a little lover kitty, and given the chance, sleeps with us. He is also the reason we have no house plants -- he will eat them, no matter where I try to hide them.

Buddy is a Himalayan Seal Point that I got from a breeder in Virginia in 1992. He was the runt of the litter and his marking weren't good, so he was the last one left. He's a great cat, weighs a solid 16 pounds (or more) and thinks he's a dog. He is very tolerant of Zack, thankfully. He rules the roost, and is "socially antisocial" -- doesn't necessarily want or need a bunch of loving, but insists on being in the same room with you. We have a baby gate at the bottom of our stairs not to keep Zack in, but to keep Buddy OUT. He's too old and big to jump the gate (unlike Max) and if we didn't close that gate, we'd get woken up at 3am with 16 pounds of fuzz 2" from our noses uttering a very compelling YOWL. Nothing's wrong, he just wants us to know he's there!

So there's the rest of the family -- as you can see, I'm hemmed in my boys!

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