Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cars, and Rick's Birthday

Rick is going to be home tomorrow and Monday, yay! His birthday is on Saturday, so we'll be going out to dinner at one of our favorite places.

Did I mention we had to buy a new car? Rick had been driving my old Mercedes and we'd always said, if something major happened to it, we'd call it quits on that one. It is a '92 and had almost 350,000 miles on it but was running like a champ. But then the A/C went out, and it needed new tires, all to the tune of $2600, so we decided, it's time. I still vividly remember when I bought that car -- I just stood in my driveway and looked at it and couldn't BELIEVE that I owned a Mercedes. We will NOT miss having to put high-test gas in it, or the V8 engine, for Rick's hour-each-way commute!

We ended up buying another Honda Accord, nearly identical to the one we had before I got my van -- same color, even! I loved that car, super-comfie to drive or ride in, so I was happy! Plus I have good memories of that Honda, ripping across the Bay Bridge to the hospital in Annapolis while in labor! :-)

Heading to bed -- books to read! Tomorrow is all about beading.

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