Monday, August 28, 2006

Back from PA

GREAT show in Shippensburg. I was a little worried at first that my jewelry might be priced a little high for the venue (country crafts abound) -- but since we had no hotel or meals expenses (stayed 10 minutes away with Rick's parents) it was worth it, regardless of sales. Well, sales were FANTASTIC and I was busy, busy, busy the entire time. One day shows are rough, in that set up and tear down are all in the same day and it makes for a long, tiring day, but they're also good in that people know they only have that day to buy something. I was also really pleased to have repeat buyers come in to take advantage of their discount!

I do have to cancel this weekends' show in Solomon's Island -- Rick is working and I can't manage the show without him to help set up and then take care of Zack. Bummer, but there's next year!

I put "Sophie's Choice" aside to read a book that came in off reserve at the library, "In the Company of the Courtesan". LOVE it. It's about 1500's Venice, Italy, and as I have spent a fair amount of time in Italy, it's quite cool to have seen many of the buildings and bridges that are mentioned. REALLY enjoying this book -- a must read!

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