Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tongue in Cheek Happy Birthday

Not my birthday (that's March 29) but it's someone's birthday somewhere in the world, and this latest from cracked me up:

Wisdom -- Older doesn't always mean wiser, my grandfather once said. Sometimes it just means older.

Heading out to look at more houses today. These two are still here in Easton, so no closer drive for Rick, but much larger house. The one he looked at in Centerville had a lot of land and was going to be nice (they're still building) but just too isolated. So scratch that. NO moving for us unless it's flipping perfect. If you want to see the one I'd have (in my dreams LOL):

It's a lovely house in St. Michaels, MD, with a separate studio entrance. But it would add 20 minutes at LEAST to Rick's already heinous drive, and the price is just a bit more than we can tackle right now. But it is SO pretty (the photo doesn't do it justice) and it's got amazing landscaping. One heck of a lot bigger than it looks as it goes out behind the house a fair bit. But that will just remain a dream!

I think the fun part of looking at houses now is we don't HAVE to move. There's none of that stress of MUST FIND A HOUSE NOW. This house is not the best -- it was obviously put up really fast (the whole subdivision was) but the neighbors are the best, location is terrific, and we're really happy here. So why look for anything else? I want to find someplace that has a first floor AND second floor master bedroom with en suite bathroom in case we need to have parents move in. Nursing homes? I don't think so. Not if I can help it.

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