Friday, July 28, 2006

Shopping in St. Michaels, and this week's jewelry

This afternoon I went to St. Michaels to do a little shopping -- got a gorgeous ceramic dish and a couple skeins of yarn at Frivolous Fibers. I picked up a pattern to make felted flowers.... my last felting attempt was a disaster, and since it was a diaper bag, it was a HUGE disaster, but these flowers are just right, I think. I'm hoping to take a class in October at the store with Nora Bellows to learn how to make her awesome felted purses.

Zack is thoroughly enjoying having his big brothers home this weekend. Colin indulged him by playing a car game on the computer with him -- rather, FOR him, as Zack just wanted to watch.

I'm hoping to do a big update on the web site this weekend, but wanted to share some of the things I made -- I am fortunate to have some great lampwork artists' beads to work with. They're just fabulous!

I finally got a decent photo of the amazing boro beads Jen Cook made for me -- utterly amazing beads and a very special necklace.

Beads by Cassie Donlen -- necklace has Bali silver and onyx.

Beads by Karen Halls -- accents are Bali silver and Black Diamond Swarovski crystals.

Beads by Valentin Hernandez -- accented with Silk Swarovski crystals and Bali silver.

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