Saturday, July 15, 2006


Before I discovered beading, I had a killer garden. Beautifully planned and landscaped vegetable garden, thousands of flowers -- it was insane, but gorgeous. One bed alone, I know Rick and I planted over 1000 bulbs. People used to stop on the road and comment on them. When we sold that house, I left a huge photo album of all the flowers with the new owners, so they'd know what would be coming up in the spring.

Then we moved, had Zack, and about a year later I got into beading, and the combination of all that means, no more garden! We have a wooden swing set/playground where a veggie garden would normally go, and anything we plant has to be of the "I can forget to water it" variety. Eventually, when we move (whenever that ends up being) we'll get serious about gardening again, but for now, not so much.

I DID want to show you some of the flowers we DO have coming up. We have what we call "mutant lilies" because these suckers are 5' tall. That's pretty stinking tall for an Asiatic Lily! I went out early the other morning to take a picture, and the haze you see is from the condensation that fogged up the camera lens (humidity here is horrible) -- but I kind of like the effect!

This is a distance shot, so you can see their height! You'll have to ignore the weeds, LOL! Ironically, the camellias (that are not doing so hot) were supposed to be the hedges, NOT the lilies, but there you go!

These are balloon flowers, and I had totally forgotten we'd planted them. I rounded the corner of the house the other day and BOOM, a ton of purple everywhere.

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