Monday, July 03, 2006

Enjoying Time Off

I hope you're enjoying your time off this long weekend! Rick took today off, and will be off again tomorrow (yippee!!!) and Zack and I both are loving that he's home. Zack, however, has strep -- we caught it very early, so he's not really acting sick, just has a slight temperature, but me being a Nervous Nellie mommy had him go to the doctor, and good thing. He's doing just fine, thankfully!

I visited one of the shops that started carrying my jewelry, and found out that the Bush daughters (as in, the President's daughters) had been in the store and perused. Very cool! Both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have houses nearby (although, of course, super secluded) so it's not uncommon to see them about.

I updated the web site tonight with some new things, including some vintage Swarovski crystal creations. Yummy! The rare vintage stuff costs a lot more but oh is it worth it! You can see more beaded jewelry creations at

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