Monday, July 17, 2006

Air Force Days

Hanging Out With The Boys

you may have to click twice to see the video

This video was shared on a Yahoo group I'm on, with lots of folks that I was in the Air Force with. It's hard for me to watch the video without tearing up, and feeling a heck of a lot of pride and nostalgia.

I only did four years, but my husband did 26, and he did a LOT. I am really proud of the four years I spent, glad to have served my country, and I can easily say it's the best thing I ever did -- for lots of reasons. After all, I did meet my husband there, in 1989, but I had no idea then that ten years later we'd meet again and get married. I only remember talking to him about three times back then -- isn't it amazing how things go full circle? When I think of all the things that both of us had to go through in those ten years to get to where we met each other again at just the right time.... boggles the mind and renews my faith in God.

After seeing this, I went through a ton of photos from my time in Korea and found some, thought I'd share.

This was me right before I left for the Oakland airport to fly to Korea. I was pretty much terrified, had NO idea what was in store for me.

Ah, to be 20 again, young and idealistic!

My roommate, Kristin, before we headed out for a night on the town.

My first few months in Korea, I got to be one of the "Vices" (or master of ceremonies) for a Dining Out, a formal dinner the Air Force has periodically. The adorable LT and I had a blast doing that.

The less glamorous side! We did chemical warfare exercises frequently, and this is full-blown chem gear, complete with charcoal suit, rubber boots and gloves, flak vest and Kevlar helmets. HOT as Hades and with me being claustrophobic, NOT fun, but necessary. We take so much for granted.

Last one for today -- this silly picture is of my "Brown Bean" (no idea why that name, that's just what everyone called them-- a "Green Bean" was what we did for someone who first got in country) -- a Brown Bean is the last big party before a person leaves Korea. We were singing to Meatloaf "Love By the Dashboard Light" of all things, in the Crystal Club. Cathy and Jen (right and left of me) were friends -- I've lost track of Cathy but Jen and I are still close to this day. Which is another thing I loved about the Air Force -- the camaraderie.

Hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane!

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