Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Adventure with the Boys and More Stephen King

Today I kept my friend's 5-year old, Jake, and I took him and Zack across the bridge into Annapolis to Barnes and Noble, with a pit stop at McDonalds, that favorite of toddlers and young kids. Zack was SO excited to get to go on a little adventure with Jake, who he idolizes. And he will have MORE adventures this week, as his older brothers are coming home tomorrow, and Zack will get to go to his first real baseball game, among other things!

Have been way too busy to get to the library and I've been spending money on beads, not books, so am back to re-reading things. I picked up another Stephen King book, "The Talisman", last night -- one of my favorites. I love the mix of modern versus old world. I can get so lost in a good book. And to me, a "good book" doesn't necessarily mean a Pulitzer Prize winner, or a classic, but something that tells a good story and keeps me engaged. I love it when I get to the end of a book and am sorry it's over -- to me that's a sign of a good book!

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