Monday, July 31, 2006

Found a house

We found a house that we want to put an offer on -- who knows if they'll accept, but they way Rick and I look at pretty much everything in our life is, if it's meant to be, it will happen, so if this doesn't work, it means there's a better one ahead.

The house is still in Easton, so we can stay with our friends and good schools, but bigger and more what we had in mind all along. Built in 2003, front porch, back porch, backs up to the woods, five bedrooms, four full baths, with a guest bedroom and full bath on the first floor (that was a must). Dining room, formal living room (that will be my office), two-story open family room with a gas fireplace (you can barely see the bottom of the 2nd set of windows at the top of the photo below), nice kitchen, hardwood floors on most of the first floor, 2-car garage -- not much not to love! Oh, and the other requirement, a deep tub with jets!
So tomorrow I get to spend the day de-cluttering OUR house to list it. Fun fun!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tongue in Cheek Happy Birthday

Not my birthday (that's March 29) but it's someone's birthday somewhere in the world, and this latest from cracked me up:

Wisdom -- Older doesn't always mean wiser, my grandfather once said. Sometimes it just means older.

Heading out to look at more houses today. These two are still here in Easton, so no closer drive for Rick, but much larger house. The one he looked at in Centerville had a lot of land and was going to be nice (they're still building) but just too isolated. So scratch that. NO moving for us unless it's flipping perfect. If you want to see the one I'd have (in my dreams LOL):

It's a lovely house in St. Michaels, MD, with a separate studio entrance. But it would add 20 minutes at LEAST to Rick's already heinous drive, and the price is just a bit more than we can tackle right now. But it is SO pretty (the photo doesn't do it justice) and it's got amazing landscaping. One heck of a lot bigger than it looks as it goes out behind the house a fair bit. But that will just remain a dream!

I think the fun part of looking at houses now is we don't HAVE to move. There's none of that stress of MUST FIND A HOUSE NOW. This house is not the best -- it was obviously put up really fast (the whole subdivision was) but the neighbors are the best, location is terrific, and we're really happy here. So why look for anything else? I want to find someplace that has a first floor AND second floor master bedroom with en suite bathroom in case we need to have parents move in. Nursing homes? I don't think so. Not if I can help it.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Little Boy is Growing Up

Today we got Zack a scooter, because once he discovered it at preschool, that suddenly became all he talked about. When he got up from his nap, he was overjoyed to see it waiting for him. Here are some photos -- my heart aches a little at how fast he's growing up. I was transferring a bunch of photos yesterday from old acid-y albums so I could put them in Creative Memories boxes, and I got out all his first year photos -- oh, the tug at the heart! I am so blessed to have this little boy and my family. Hug yours, ok?

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Shopping in St. Michaels, and this week's jewelry

This afternoon I went to St. Michaels to do a little shopping -- got a gorgeous ceramic dish and a couple skeins of yarn at Frivolous Fibers. I picked up a pattern to make felted flowers.... my last felting attempt was a disaster, and since it was a diaper bag, it was a HUGE disaster, but these flowers are just right, I think. I'm hoping to take a class in October at the store with Nora Bellows to learn how to make her awesome felted purses.

Zack is thoroughly enjoying having his big brothers home this weekend. Colin indulged him by playing a car game on the computer with him -- rather, FOR him, as Zack just wanted to watch.

I'm hoping to do a big update on the web site this weekend, but wanted to share some of the things I made -- I am fortunate to have some great lampwork artists' beads to work with. They're just fabulous!

I finally got a decent photo of the amazing boro beads Jen Cook made for me -- utterly amazing beads and a very special necklace.

Beads by Cassie Donlen -- necklace has Bali silver and onyx.

Beads by Karen Halls -- accents are Bali silver and Black Diamond Swarovski crystals.

Beads by Valentin Hernandez -- accented with Silk Swarovski crystals and Bali silver.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This and That

Rick and the older boys went to Philadelphia today for a baseball game. Zack gets to go to his first gaem on Saturday (minor league). He's excited but doesn't quite know WHY -- I think he's just excited to be with his big brothers.

I worked with some great beads today, including some from Cassie Donlen lampwork I adore. If you haven't seen her jewelry, click her name and go look -- her sense of whimsy and color is just terrific, and I love it all.

A bunch of us are joining the Y next week -- I'm anxious to do some Pilates or Yoga classes. My flexibility used to be terrific but now, yikes. Plus they have an indoor pool, so laps will be a good thing. And Zack can continue swim lessons (he's a water bug) and eventually I hope to get back into teaching classes. I miss all that.

Sent off a bunch of jewelry to be photographed for next year's jury slides. Applying to shows is like applying to college, I tell you! I sent off some different things this time, including some of my chain work. I just got a huge new supply of rings, so I'll be making chain like crazy the next couple of weeks!

Tomorrow we're going to go look at a house in Centreville, MD, a little closer to Rick's work. It has 3 acres (can you say, lawn service?) and it's big, 3500 sq ft -- master suite up and down, which is a must in case we have long-term guests, and from what I could see, really nice. NO idea if it will be THE house but the price is right and can't hurt to look. We're perfectly happy where we are, just know that it's not the LAST house, you know?

We were looking at this one:
but the lot in MINISCULE. This subdivision is being built with these terrific houses, but the lots are so small, you could trade a cup of sugar between windows. Yikes. And we have such specific criteria that we aren't willing to bend on -- I guess since we don't HAVE to move, we're being ultra-picky.

But that's ok! Home is where the heart is -- really and truly.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh, and take a look!

More pretties to show you -- lots on the web site, too, but these haven't gotten posted quite yet.

This one is a long necklace, large onyx ovals and a heavier, pretty oval chain.

This one is made with boro lampwork beads by Brendan Blake and lots of Swarovski crystals.

This one is by an amazing polymer clay artist Klew -- it's a LARGE bead, and utterly amazing in its detail. When I saw it on her table I immediately knew I had to have it, and it's been sitting in my bead drawer all this time waiting for the right adornment. I think the silk cord with the intricate knotting is perfect -- lets the bead be the focus, but gives just the right amount of SOMETHING to the simplicity.

Thanks for looking!

Adventure with the Boys and More Stephen King

Today I kept my friend's 5-year old, Jake, and I took him and Zack across the bridge into Annapolis to Barnes and Noble, with a pit stop at McDonalds, that favorite of toddlers and young kids. Zack was SO excited to get to go on a little adventure with Jake, who he idolizes. And he will have MORE adventures this week, as his older brothers are coming home tomorrow, and Zack will get to go to his first real baseball game, among other things!

Have been way too busy to get to the library and I've been spending money on beads, not books, so am back to re-reading things. I picked up another Stephen King book, "The Talisman", last night -- one of my favorites. I love the mix of modern versus old world. I can get so lost in a good book. And to me, a "good book" doesn't necessarily mean a Pulitzer Prize winner, or a classic, but something that tells a good story and keeps me engaged. I love it when I get to the end of a book and am sorry it's over -- to me that's a sign of a good book!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stephen King

I keep missing the library's open hours, so have re-read some books that I have here. I just finished two of Stephen King's -- Desperation and The Regulators. Desperation he wrote as Stephen King, and The Regulators he wrote as Richard Bachman. I really like how he took the same basic characters but got two different stories. I found several web site that did comparisions -- click here or here if you're interested.

I was on a roll today when it came to making jewelry -- I have been clearing out drawers of beads that have gone untouched for a long time, and was really happy with the results. You can see some of them by going to and choosing the "What's New" option -- or take a look here at some pieces that I made with fall and winter months in mind.

This one was made with amazing boro lampwork beads by Jen Cook, orange chalcedony brios, and vermeil. I love it but the photo stinks. I need to work on that one.

This one is made with a polymer clay patchwork pendant and hand-knotted silk cords.

This one is made with large ovals of natural carnelian and gold-filled rings -- it's a longer one, and really dramatic.

So there are a few for you to take a look at. I can't wait for fall and winter. I dearly hate the heat and humidity! Thank goodness for air conditioning is all I can say.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fatboy Slim Music Video

EDIT: I love the video, love the song's beat, but actually listened closely to the words tonight -- and man oh day. They made sense. And You Know Who You Are, they will make sense to you, too!

I love Fatboy Slim, and have always thought juggling was too cool, so this video is a great combination!

An additional note – Zack watched the video with me, and now HE is trying to juggle, unfortunately, with Super Bouncy Balls.

Thought of the Day

I love -- I get their daily email and sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's thought-provoking, but it's always interesting. Here's today's:

Pointless Lies

He said he was followed around by a cloud of electrons
that knew what he was thinking.
I've given up lying, he said
& then he pointed over his shoulder.
What's the point? They just go & tell
everybody the truth anyway.
It sounds worse than it is, he said.
Once you forget how to do it,
you think up better things to do with your time.

So here's to hoping everyone forgets how to lie and just lives a happy life!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

some pretties

Wanted to share some things that have been made this week! Only a fraction of what I design ever makes it to the web site, so be sure to let me know if you see something here that you like! I'm amazed that things have actually sold from just being on the Blog, but thank you, everyone! :-)

This one is made with large slab nuggets of aquamarine and a gorgeous sterling siliver pendant I've been hoarding. The aquamarine actually reminds me of larimar. Much more luminous and impressive in person, trust me!

This one is made with smooth labradorite nuggets and a Thai Hill Tribe leaf pendant. Nice fire in the labradorite!

This one is an eclectic blend of turquoise and silver. I think I need to take another photo showing it linked together, but it's a neat piece! Half of the bracelet is the nugget part, the other half, the beaded part.

If you want to see more, go to

Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Air Force Days

Hanging Out With The Boys

you may have to click twice to see the video

This video was shared on a Yahoo group I'm on, with lots of folks that I was in the Air Force with. It's hard for me to watch the video without tearing up, and feeling a heck of a lot of pride and nostalgia.

I only did four years, but my husband did 26, and he did a LOT. I am really proud of the four years I spent, glad to have served my country, and I can easily say it's the best thing I ever did -- for lots of reasons. After all, I did meet my husband there, in 1989, but I had no idea then that ten years later we'd meet again and get married. I only remember talking to him about three times back then -- isn't it amazing how things go full circle? When I think of all the things that both of us had to go through in those ten years to get to where we met each other again at just the right time.... boggles the mind and renews my faith in God.

After seeing this, I went through a ton of photos from my time in Korea and found some, thought I'd share.

This was me right before I left for the Oakland airport to fly to Korea. I was pretty much terrified, had NO idea what was in store for me.

Ah, to be 20 again, young and idealistic!

My roommate, Kristin, before we headed out for a night on the town.

My first few months in Korea, I got to be one of the "Vices" (or master of ceremonies) for a Dining Out, a formal dinner the Air Force has periodically. The adorable LT and I had a blast doing that.

The less glamorous side! We did chemical warfare exercises frequently, and this is full-blown chem gear, complete with charcoal suit, rubber boots and gloves, flak vest and Kevlar helmets. HOT as Hades and with me being claustrophobic, NOT fun, but necessary. We take so much for granted.

Last one for today -- this silly picture is of my "Brown Bean" (no idea why that name, that's just what everyone called them-- a "Green Bean" was what we did for someone who first got in country) -- a Brown Bean is the last big party before a person leaves Korea. We were singing to Meatloaf "Love By the Dashboard Light" of all things, in the Crystal Club. Cathy and Jen (right and left of me) were friends -- I've lost track of Cathy but Jen and I are still close to this day. Which is another thing I loved about the Air Force -- the camaraderie.

Hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Before I discovered beading, I had a killer garden. Beautifully planned and landscaped vegetable garden, thousands of flowers -- it was insane, but gorgeous. One bed alone, I know Rick and I planted over 1000 bulbs. People used to stop on the road and comment on them. When we sold that house, I left a huge photo album of all the flowers with the new owners, so they'd know what would be coming up in the spring.

Then we moved, had Zack, and about a year later I got into beading, and the combination of all that means, no more garden! We have a wooden swing set/playground where a veggie garden would normally go, and anything we plant has to be of the "I can forget to water it" variety. Eventually, when we move (whenever that ends up being) we'll get serious about gardening again, but for now, not so much.

I DID want to show you some of the flowers we DO have coming up. We have what we call "mutant lilies" because these suckers are 5' tall. That's pretty stinking tall for an Asiatic Lily! I went out early the other morning to take a picture, and the haze you see is from the condensation that fogged up the camera lens (humidity here is horrible) -- but I kind of like the effect!

This is a distance shot, so you can see their height! You'll have to ignore the weeds, LOL! Ironically, the camellias (that are not doing so hot) were supposed to be the hedges, NOT the lilies, but there you go!

These are balloon flowers, and I had totally forgotten we'd planted them. I rounded the corner of the house the other day and BOOM, a ton of purple everywhere.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

busy week, but here's some pretty jewelry!

I've had a hugely busy weekend and week so not much time to write, but wanted to share some pretty things I've been working on for fall! If you see something you just HAVE to have, email me at, and be sure to check out my web site,, for fun beaded jewelry.

Friday, July 07, 2006

thought of the day and amazing pendant

I ran across this quotation in one of the books I was reading:

"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it is not possible to find it elsewhere."
--- Agnes Repplier, "The Treasure Chest"

I don't know why but I always read the preface and the dedication and any "about the author" stuff in a book (used to always skip it), but now I find that it gives me a tiny insight to the author before I read. This little quotation really summed up the entire book I was getting ready to read. Like!

Last night I participated in an online trunk show and missed the top three pendants I wanted to snag (TOTAL feeding frenzy, it was!) but I do love this one, and I know it will appeal to someone on an entirely different level than jewelry usually does. To see more of her amazing work, check out

Monday, July 03, 2006

Enjoying Time Off

I hope you're enjoying your time off this long weekend! Rick took today off, and will be off again tomorrow (yippee!!!) and Zack and I both are loving that he's home. Zack, however, has strep -- we caught it very early, so he's not really acting sick, just has a slight temperature, but me being a Nervous Nellie mommy had him go to the doctor, and good thing. He's doing just fine, thankfully!

I visited one of the shops that started carrying my jewelry, and found out that the Bush daughters (as in, the President's daughters) had been in the store and perused. Very cool! Both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have houses nearby (although, of course, super secluded) so it's not uncommon to see them about.

I updated the web site tonight with some new things, including some vintage Swarovski crystal creations. Yummy! The rare vintage stuff costs a lot more but oh is it worth it! You can see more beaded jewelry creations at