Thursday, June 22, 2006

Using up beads!

My mission this weekend is to pull out each and every drawer of my bead cabinet and use up some of the random odd bits that I have, and to use things that have been sitting there for a while. Tonight I put together a regal-looking bracelet with 14mm jet Swarovski crystal and Bali silver, and a long, chunky necklace of pink botswana agate and oval chain. I have what seems like a bazillion ideas in my head and sometimes the easiest thing to do is just start pulling things out of drawers and boxes, pile them on the table, and start working with what's in front of me. And sometimes a couple of things will end up lying next to each other that I never would have ordinarily put together, and magic happens.

Zack's last swim lesson for this session is tomorrow. He is such a cute little water bug! He doesn't want to sit and wait his turn on the side of the pool anymore -- he wants IN and he wants to MOVE and he smiles and laughs the entire time. Utterly adorable.

I should finish my book tonight -- picked up another one at the library today, 4% Famous by Deborah Schoeneman. Looks to be a fun read, which will be welcome after the heart-heavy context of this last one.

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