Saturday, June 03, 2006

Strawberry Festival

What a wonderful day! This is the third year I've done the St. Michaels Strawberry Festival, and two out of those three years it's rained -- but it never stops the customers. The morning started out iffy, with drizzle and decent gusts of wind, so my friend Kelly and I played "put the tent sides up, put the tent sides down" for an hour or so, but it finally stopped the drizzle and cooled down enough to kill off the humidity.

As always, the patrons of St. Michaels are fabulous, and Kelly and I stayed busy pretty much all day. Met lots of friendly people and got to pet the most ADORABLE bull dog puppy. I can't wait until Zack is old enough to help take care of a dog -- but then again, I want him to stay little forever!

Books -- I'm almost done reading Plum Syke's The Debutante Divorcee -- I was in the mood for some fun chick lit! It's amazing how much about fashion (and New York City) I've learned from the genre of book... The Devil Wears Prada (soon to be a movie with Meryl Streep, I hear!), The Nanny Diaries (also going to be a movie) -- fun reading when I need a break.

Leaving you tonight with some jewelry that will make you ready for summer! You can see more artisan beaded jewelry at

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