Monday, June 05, 2006

A PSA for you ladies, and a fun waste of 6 minutes

First, my Public Service Announcement for the women out there...get a mammogram! I had my first one today and it was no sweat, took all of five minutes. A lot of doctors are recommending you start getting them at age 35. GET ONE.

The bracelet is one I make for Breast Cancer Awareness -- it would be really nice if one of these days we found a cure. I had a professor at UVA that worked on the BRCA genes -- tumor suppressor genes that, if they work right, help repair damage to DNA, and that helps prevent tumor development. Women that carry mutations of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have a higher risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancers. There's so much that has BEEN discovered, and so much being discovered every day. (Did you know that in a prior life, I studied to go to medical school?)

And now for the six minute waste of time -- if you need a break and want a laugh, check out this video:

I loved it! And I knew all the songs, and most of the dances -- the early 90's were my dancing days! I was overseas in Korea in 89-91 and my friends and I tore UP many a dance floor.... with clubs side by side by side down one street in Songtan, we would hit a new one every 15-30 minutes (I kid you not). Ah, those were the days! :-)

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