Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The important things in life

Tonight I had such a flash of what is truly important in life. Zack had been put to bed, but I started hearing him go, "owie owie owie" in a soft voice, nothing frantic, almost like a mantra. I went upstairs and asked him if his tummy hurt. He said, no, his finger, where he was stung by a bee this weekend. He then asked me to cuddle so I crawled into bed with him (the big joy of him being in a big-boy-bed) and we lay face to face, and by the pale light of his star nightlight, he told me the story of his weekend, when he had a bee sting his finger, and Grandma gave him yum-yum (medicine) to make it better, and the dirty dog (Hershey) was drinking out of a puddle, but HE doesn't drink out of puddles, and did I know his finger got stung by a bee? He is so darned cute -- that earnest little face telling me things, and the whole story being this long run-on sentence. He made me laugh out loud a few times. There is nothing quite as wonderful as my little boy.

Photo of Zack by Jen Fariello

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