Sunday, June 18, 2006

fun weekend

Great weekend here -- hope you had the same!

Zack finished his first week of swim lessons on Friday -- one more week to go! He absolutely adores the pool and is quite the happy boy when we arrive.

Saturday we went to Rick's company picnic out towards Glen Burnie. REALLY a lot of fun. They had a terrific playground that Zack was all over, and a fishing pier that we spent some time on. We sat by a guy who was reeling in fish as fast as he could throw in the line. They were all small and he was throwing them back, just fishing for sport, but Zack was enthralled, especially when they caught a skate -- it was too heavy for him to reel all the way in, but it was a big one, and Zack was amazed!

Father's Day was nice and quiet and spent at home. Living on the Eastern Shore, summer means major traffic delays with folks heading over the Bay Bridge to the beach, so we try not to go out too far on Friday or Sunday, when the worst of it passes through. Grilled steaks, pulled out Zack's wading pool, relaxed -- very nice.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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