Monday, June 26, 2006

First magazine photo!

Very excited -- I got my copy of Step By Step Wire Magazine today, and it has a photo of a necklace I made in the gallery! I made that necklace while working the Ovarian Cancer Rejuvenate III event, in between sessions. I had brought some jump rings with me, and just started fooling around with them, seeing what I could come up with without a pattern, and I came up with that! It's made with Shaggy Loops in mind, but there's not movement -- the chain holds its shape.

I've been updating the web site with some new things -- copper jewelry, furnace glass, random things -- trying not to fall asleep at the computer screen. All weekend I've fought this cold or flu or SOMETHING, and Nyquil and I are on a first name basis. I'm trying to get it knocked out fast so I can keep up with my week, which is already ramping up to be busy. There's another bead show to attend on Friday, this time with a group of friends, and I definitely don't want to miss that!

Oh -- RAIN! Good grief. Zack's wading pool is out on the back porch, and in one night, it completely filled. To the top! Major roads all around us have been closed from flash floods, although I've not personally run into any trouble. So add Nyquil and pouring rain together and you get primo sleeping weather!

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