Friday, June 30, 2006

another bead show, and books

Very busy day today! I went to the Timonium Fair Grounds for a bead show, held in two of the convention buildings. I met up with three of my online beading buddies and we had a blast! I found a couple of new suppliers that I am DEFINITELY going to be seeing again at subsequent shows -- really unusual things! I got some emeralds (natural stone, rather than the gemmy ones you see in jewelry stores), opal (ditto), chrysoprase, aquamarines, citrine, carnelian, several very cool types of quartz -- hmm, what else...... just lots of neat stuff. Fortunately, I had a stellar sales day on Thursday, so was able to spend more than I'd planned (always a good thing). So, for this long weekend, I have some fun things to work with!

Books -- 4% Famous is fair. Eh. I just got Augusten Burroughs latest, "Possible Side Effects" and can't wait to start it. And I stopped at Barnes and Noble today and made a list of some classics that I want to read -- "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter", "Siddhartha", and "All Quiet on the Western Front" are just a few. After those heavy-hitters I'll need some more light stuff!


  1. Would you mind listing those suppliers you found that you liked? I understand if not, but if you do, that's cool!

  2. Hi! The show was the Intergem show, which I go to in Baltimore and Chantilly as well. Here's the link to exhibitors:

    Pearl Concepts is my absolute favorite for pearls, hands down. My problem is I rareley pay attention to who the vendors are (their names) and just focus on the beads! And when I do remember to look, they normally don't have a web site, either. Bead shows are by far my favorite way of buying beads.

  3. Cool. Yeah, when i've been to Gem Faire, I don't remember 9/10th of the names, and 9/10th of em don't have web sites either. Ugh!

    I'll have to see if the Intergem show comes here.



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