Sunday, May 07, 2006

Great Weekend

This weekend was so productive! Rick and Zack went to Pennsylvania to visit grandparents, and from Friday to Sunday afternoon, I had the house to myself. I worked, worked, worked on jewelry for my upcoming shows, caught up on TIVO'd TV (that last ER episode in Darfur, fabulous -- I wish I knew where I could get that African music), and basically just decompressed. Most of you know I'm a total night owl, so I stayed up until 3am each night, which I haven't done in ages!

I got a lot of pretty things made, things that were more time-intensive than usual. I finally learned the Full Persian chain maille weave, too -- I thought I would NEVER figure that one out! I'm now going to try my first Japanese weave, which is totally different than any of the others I've done so far. I don't have a picture of mine yet, still making lengths to go in between some cool beads I got, but the picture is of my friend Lesley's work -- check out her site by clicking here. Hers is far more creative, with copper and silver and beads trapped inside the weave. I don't think I have the patience for the beads inside! I actually watched her make this one and I was amazed.

So, we'll end with some photos of things that I made -- not on the web site yet because I ran out of time but I'll work on it this week.

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