Saturday, April 29, 2006

preparing for the next show

The show season is officially in full swing for me, and every day I work hard at making lots of pretties to keep my inventory up, update the web site constantly, manage paperwork -- I need two of me!

This weekend I finished a number of chain maille and lampwork bracelets and put them in the rock tumbler to harden and polish. I hope to get photos of those done tonight. And I just finished working on a gorgeous iolite and citrine necklace -- tons of work with tiny, tiny beads. That one's going into my Luxury section. I need to pull out my growing stash of vintage Swarovski, too -- just too many beads and not nearly enough time!

Today Rick built my new earring display for my booth and got it painted. Much easier to use, and I will take photos at the VA Beach show. Now I have to make earring cards, which is a bit of a bummer, as I had JUST converted 300 pairs of earrings to cards for the display I used last week. I liked that display in theory but it just was missing something. That one part of the booth is really the last thing I have to mess with -- I'm really happy with the boutique feel I've developed, and it's a long way from what I used to have.

I'm checking on renting a spot in the historic downtown area of Easton, MD -- the price is good enough that I wouldn't have to man it all the time ("Hours By Appointment or Accident") and it would be cheaper than advertising. Not 100% sure I want to do the shop thing yet, as Zack isn't in school full time and my day light time is with him, but it would be an interesting venture.

The other reason to perhaps wait is there is always the possibility of moving. We keep looking for the perfect property and realize it could well take another year to find it, but the longer we stay in this house, the more equity we build, and already the houses in our neighborhood are selling at twice what we paid for it. That floors me as I don't think for a minute any of them are WORTH that, but the housing market is nuts. People in the Northern Virginia area are taking out 50-year mortgages for houses, since you can hardly touch anything for under $700K. My mind swims at the thought of a 50-year mortgage. Holy cow. NOT for us!

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