Tuesday, April 04, 2006

playing catch up

Been too busy to post so going to catch up!

First, some photos of Zack:


Next, books! I'm still working on getting my book list on the new site, but it's getting truncated -- search me! Anyway, I just read three. First, Ray Bradbury's From the Dust Returned. Normally I like Ray Bradbury -- The Martian Chronicles in particular. But this one sort of lost me, as some of his books occasionally do. I got the jist of it, but it was so lyrical and elegiac that I kept finding myself feeling not quite smart enough for the book. So I appreciated it for being Bradbury and moved on.

The next book I picked up because of a fascination with World War II, but little knowledge of it, and I wanted a quick pictoral synopsis before digging into deeper stuff. I found Our Finest Hour , done by LIFE magazine. Riveting stuff, with amazing photos I've not seen elsewhere. I highly recommend it.

Finally, I'm reading (should finish it tonight) an interesting but chilling non-fiction book called Flu: The Story of the Great Flu Pandemic. I don't know about you, but I had no idea we had a flu pandemic that killed 40 million people in 1918, more than the Black Plague of the 1400s! And with all the talk about bird flu, this book is a little bit scary. It's interesting, though, and not just because I was a Bio major in college -- it's well written for any non-scientist reader, and I'm learning a good bit of history while I'm at it.

The house hunt: We finally got back some answers to our questions, one of which was, how much did it cost in oil to heat this 4000+, 3 story house? The answer was really sobering! Yowza. We're still considering it, but have a few more things to check out. We do love it, but man oh day, over $600 a month in the winter for oil? I'd better sell a lot of jewelry!

And for now, that's about it! Preparing for my next show is taking up most of my free time, especially since I'm majorly overhauling the booth set up with lots of new displays and ideas -- it will look like a little shop when I set it up now -- very inviting and fun.


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