Tuesday, April 25, 2006

back from the Hampton show

Got back late yesterday from my first big spring show in Hampton, VA. This was my first time at this show, and spring shows are always iffy (Christmas isn't looming!) -- and add to that the risk involved in doing a show that is only in its second year. However, I love the promoters and we were going to stay with a close friend, so we gave it a go.

The first concern was the sheer number of jewelry vendors there -- someone counted 29, which made up a third of the show. The other shows that this promoter does didn't have that problem, and I figured, jewelry vendors are the easiest ones to get, and this is a new show, so that's the deal. I shrugged it off, and chose to stay positive.

I exceeded my booth fee (and the fees are high!) the first day, had a number of repeat customers, and the added benefit of a bracelet of mine being featured in the show handout. I worked this one alone, but all the vendors around me were spectacular, and we helped each other out. Saturday was super busy, and Sunday was pretty quiet, but I did really well! Many people are also planning on heading down the road on Mother's Day weekend to go to the larger Virginia Beach show (I'll be there, too) and I handed out a ton of cards for that.

I met some great jewelry vendors there -- had a chance to talk to quite a few, and many didn't make their booth fee. I'm thankful I did well -- the tax man took a bite this year!

The purple cast with pink crystals was a hit -- it was certainly a conversation starter! And my new displays worked out well. Rick went out and bought a shutter system for my earring display for the next show, and I think that will finally round things out. I'm always tweaking things, but I like the boutique feel I got this time.

Tomorrow Zack will be doing a Trike-a-thon at preschool, and I'll hopefully get a decent picture. It could be hit or miss -- sometimes he likes the trike, sometimes it just frustrates him. He's "blessed" right now with my lack of height, so the pedals are sometimes a challenge!

Off to bed now -- I started reading a new series but more on that later!

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  1. I really enjoyed your booth as well as talking to you at the show. You make great jewelry good luck at the Va. Beach show!!!


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