Friday, March 17, 2006

Random Chat Night

Rick went to look at the house today -- it's a great house, but is an older house (lots older, which is actually what we'd love) but with that comes the typical older house problems -- in this case, lack of bathrooms. It only had one in the main house, and one in the guest house (perfect studio) and at the cost of the house, we couldn't see putting another huge chunk of change to add on. So a pass on that one. He also looked at another old house that's being redone, but not sure yet when it will be on the market, and I think it has the same issue.

Tomorrow is the first show of the season, in Annapolis, where I've not done a show before, so will hopefully be getting some home show sign ups, since it's more or less local.

I'm also excited about changes in the web site! I have been working with since the end of last year to incorporate a shopping cart into my existing web site. They'll be transferring it over any day now, so I'll be up to my neck getting the new site populated with pretties to look at, but it will be worth it! I have really enjoyed working with Alex at Pappa Shop. They are lampworkers so they know exactly what beaders need in a web site! There's going to be a learning curve for me, but ultimately, it should save me a LOT of time, which can only be good for my customers. Less time on the computer is more time at the beading table!

Beading -- my mind is bursting with ideas. My vintage bead drawer is packed to bursting and I really, REALLY need to work with that, especially some pretty lucite I got that will be perfect for spring. I want to try some more wire things with these huge lampwork focals I have, and then I have some gorgeous "gemmy gems" like citrine that I want to give a proper design to.

So much to do. And still trying to fit in classes somewhere. The Torpedo Factory has a bunch but that's a pretty decent drive. And there are so many I am interested in, hard to pick!

OK, enough randomness for tonight. Still have to pack up for tomorrow's show and it will be an early day for this night owl.

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