Sunday, March 26, 2006

our tour of the house (long)

We looked, and love it. The front porch is deep enough that you could sit on it in a rain storm and not get wet – I’ve always wanted a wrap around porch like that. Has a porch swing already, too! The roof is slate, great condition, and the yard is nice. There’s a huge carriage house out back that could be used as a garage, but it looks to be full of stuff that was there when the house was built (in 1901) – I’d love to dig through it all.

The entry way is a double entry – doors into a tiny tiled foyer, then doors into the house. The main foyer is amazing – tiger oak walls and stair case, which goes up three floors. Sitting room to the left (they had a grand piano in it, which Zack LOVED), big family room with fire place (the walls in that room were painted deep burgundy, with a door to a side porch), big kitchen that had glass-fronted cabinets and back stairs to the upper level, large dining room – and a room that I guess is a pantry, but it’s huge! It had some built in oak cabinetry in there as well. There was a full bath on the first floor, too, but it was completely modernized.

Off the kitchen was MY room – a sunroom painted periwinkle blue/purple with enormous windows that opened up onto a new deck they built. That room is just crying out to be a studio!

On the second floor there were five bedrooms (I think?) – maybe four, but one room was converted into a closet – over time it would probably get converted to another bathroom. The master bedroom had a small powder room (no shower or tub) but the main bathroom had a gorgeous old slipper tub, mansard windows, old tile – so pretty, and really big! Then there was the laundry room (painted bright pink, I loved it!).

The third floor had a room that was converted into a cedar closet, and a couple more bedrooms, but we would shut the entire third floor off – this house is a monster and we wouldn’t want to heat or cool the whole thing! Kids would love to play hide and seek here!
The basement was actually finished, which (in our limited experience with old houses) is unusual. Had a couple of “scary” closets, LOL.

Pros, it’s public sewer and water, so no hand-dug well to contend with as in the other old houses we’ve looked at. Cons, it’s a total hodge-podge of electrical/heating/cooling options. The lights aren’t switches, they’re push buttons, lots of outlets are not grounded, and we think the 2nd floor is the only one that has a/c, but we aren’t sure.

Bottom line, we’re really interested. It will take a little work, over time, but there’s not a thing that has to be done in order to move in and be comfortable. They’ve taken great care of it – the wood floors are in terrific shape, and their paint choices are what I would pick. Even the old, old wallpaper is on the right side of quaint! It’s the sort of house that we can afford because it’s in Denton – if it were in Easton, it would be upwards of a million dollars, easily.

So we’re going to put together a list of questions to get answered and see what happens. It’s always been for us that the right thing happens, so we’re not getting to nervous or frantic – but what a pretty place!

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