Wednesday, March 15, 2006

book, houses, etc

Will be finishing a FUNNY book tonight -- Skinny Dip by Carl Hiassen. It reminds me a lot of Dave Barry's Big Trouble -- and I'm enjoying it immensely. Basic synopsis -- idiot husband tries to kill his wife by tossing her overboard -- she lives, is rescued, and sets about driving her husband crazy -- he doesn't know she's alive, and she is having serious fun messing with his head. That doesn't sound like a comedy, but you have to read the book.

On the house front -- still looking. We know it's going to take a while as we won't move unless the PERFECT house appears, as this will be our last move. Rick is going to go look at a house on Friday (I'll be at a friends' across state so can't go). And we also looked at a development that's being built. I still have no idea of the time frame - who knows, could be next year, or next month. Where ever we go, we want studio space for me, as I still haven't decided what to do about lampworking -- do it, don't do it -- or PMC, or metal smithing, or any number of things I'm interested in. Or we can turn the studio into a huge playroom for Zack, who knows! That's the fun part of life, the adventure.

The first show of the year is this weekend, too, so have to prepare for that. It's a small one, a fund-raiser for ovarian cancer, but I've sent out postcards and have already gotten notices from customers who are coming and have things they want to see. I have so much stuff that's not on the web site -- there's just not enough time in the day to post it all -- but I am still working like mad to have tons of stuff since I have about 10 shows this year.

Exhausted -- been working all day packing beads for people and haven't posted in a while. Off to bed to finish that book!

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