Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Zack's 3rd birthday!

Zack turned 3 yesterday! He was excited about presents for the first time -- really got what they were all about this Christmas. A couple photos -- he got a round house and round table for his wooden Thomas train set. Thankfully, he could have cared less that they were wrapped in Christmas paper! And as you can see, he's enjoying a cupcake very much -- once he ate the top off, though, he wanted more frosting!

He was VERY proud today when he came home from preschool. He had a calendar for Mommy with his picture on it!

I'm just in love with this little brown-eyed curly-haired boy! He's been so funny lately, and his speech therapy is helping SO much -- conversations with him are a hoot!

On the work side of things -- I thought I would have a bit of a rest in January and February, but if the past two weeks are any indication, that's not going to happen! New customers, returning customers, I'm so gratified.

Books -- well, the one I'm reading now isn't written WELL, but it's entertaining. Have to hurry and get that one done and back to the library. Ah, the library, and the book store -- I could spend hours at either!

And I'll leave you with a photo my husband would kill me for, but it's so sweet, and one of those instances where I was glad I had a camera:

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