Tuesday, January 31, 2006

taking a break

Today was all about taking a break. My carpal tunnel is acting up so I fixed a few things for orders that had to go out today, but otherwise gave my wrist a rest and relaxed a little. Well, just a little. I still worked on business stuff -- got my postcards designed and ordered, and took more of my web class (until my eyes started shutting for longer periods of time!) -- but no jewelry designing today. And probably none this weekend, either -- I have a trunk show on Saturday, and I think I'll knit this weekend instead of bead.

ALMOST finished with my book, which is good, as I think the new Stephen King just arrived in the mail -- I didn't get a chance to open that particular box today.

Tomorrow Zack and I are driving to Alexandria to visit a friend of mine, Jen. Jen and I went to UVA together and after working as a chemist for a while, she decided to join the Air Force. She's an officer in Air Battle Management, stationed in Oklahoma, so I'm thrilled to be able to go and see her while she's TDY. I miss living near her. She's one of those rare friends that can be in a room with you and you're not really DOING anything, could be both reading books or something, and that's ok. Know what I mean? The kind of friend that is more like family than anything. And that's pretty priceless.

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