Monday, January 09, 2006

random chat

The weekend was great -- all the boys left Saturday morning for Yale, and I spent the day and night beading -- making some things that are more time-intensive, trying a few new techniques -- lots of fun. Sunday I spent some time in Borders reading up on the business side of what I do -- marketing, business plans, etc. Got some good info, good ideas! I actually like the marketing part, which a lot of my beading friends hate with a passion. But after all that "me" time, I was glad to get everyone back home on Sunday night!

Read "Lost" by Gregory Maguire, and now I'm reading "Courting Trouble", which is entertaining. I have a stack of books that I just got in a book exchange with my friend Mariana (check out her web site, Star Girl Jewelry) that I'm looking forward to digging into!

Tonight I was a total soccer-mom, making cupcakes for Zack's preschool class, as TOMORROW IS HIS THIRD BIRTHDAY -- I can't even believe it. I'll have pictures tomorrow. He's getting a round house for his train set, and a Thomas book, of course.

OH, and got some stellar gemstones today in the mail that I can't WAIT to work with! As soon as my custom orders this week are done, I'll be playing with those! I have some awesome lampwork I got from Brea Van Putten that match the jade I got PERFECTLY.

Off to bed -- early day tomorrow!

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