Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's To-Do List

I don't do resolutions anymore -- I've found it better to make up a to-do list, particularly where business is concerned! So here's mine:

1) Get published. I've already sort of kind of done this -- have had some press releases about Ovarian Cancer Bracelets appear in several publications, and was a Fire Mountain Gems finalist in a beading contest, but need to do more!

2) Update my business plan. I have an idea for a boutique and even though I can't do it until Zack starts school full time, it's never to early to plan. I already have the domain name registered, at least!

3) Push the envelope in my business -- time to try some new design techniques. I'm planning a glass blowing class with my dad, as well as PMC for toggles.

4) Redesign my booth -- time for a fresh look (but keeping the purple!)

5) Redesign the web site -- already started that -- will have a shopping cart function soon!

OK, and I guess I should do the obligatory lose-weight-exercise-more-blah blah blah but that's so expected and boring. I guess in that regard:

1) Take up yoga -- because I keep wanting to and never do.

2) Don't sweat the small stuff -- and isn't it all small stuff?

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