Sunday, January 22, 2006

a book that I loved for a lot of reason

I just finished reading Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer, and it was one of those books that touched me in a lot of ways. I found myself identifying with the main character, Maggie, in so many ways and recognizing myself in many of her thoughts.

The basic gist is Maggie is 27, single, overweight, and working a lousy job while waiting for the right one to come by. Her best friend, Olivia, had gastric bypass surgery a number of years ago and is now getting married, but since Olivia has found the Land of the Size Twos, things are completely different between the two girls. Olivia is now getting married, with Maggie as the Maid of Honor, and Maggie is learning the hard way how things have changed.

The story line itself is pretty predictable, but in a good way. It was the writing itself, the actual words, that resonated with me. There were times when Maggie said things and I thought, "that's exactly what I felt". The lonliness that set in for me personally around age 28 mirrors Maggie's pretty sharply, although at the time, I was an unhealthy size 4 -- misery then meant not eating. When Maggie moved into her new house, I remembered moving into MY first house, the first one I bought and didn't rent. I sat in this adorable, tiny, 1940's cottage and looked around at the mostly-empty rooms and wondered how in the world I was ever going to make it alone.

One of my favorite bits from the book:

"I really don't want to look like those women -- the price is too high."

And it is! I was thinking about how many hours it took out of my day to be a size 4. Way too many. I was in the gym two and three hours a day, five to six days a week. I'd go in right after work, hit the weights, ride the bike, then go teach an aerobics class. Who has time for that now? I have a husband, a child, friends, a business. I'm reasonably healthy, very happy, so who really cares if I'm not tiny?

The other thing this book reminded me of is it's about ATTITUDE, not size. A girl I know who is thin and (proud of it!) has the nastiest personality known to man. Just snotty, catty, a terrible person. In the book, same thing -- the wedding party of Skinny Minnies was definitely not a group I'd want to hang around with.

I probably haven't done much to explain why this book was so good, so you'll just have to READ it. It's a quick read, you'll find yourself laughing out loud at lots of spots -- go get it.

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  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Sounds like the book I just read called the "Lost Choice" I can't explain the who the what and the when, but the journey to find out what a little piece of metel their son found was, deeply moved me and is making me try to think in a whole new way each day. I will have to check your recommended book out. LOL



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