Tuesday, December 20, 2005

photos from Zack's Pre-School Christmas party

Zack's Pre-School class had their Christmas Party today, and as with all the times all the moms and dads converge on the classroom, Zack was out of whack. Well really, all the kids were less than their normal selves, but who can blame them with all the excitement!

While we were waiting for all the moms to arrive, we had Book Time, and Zack parked himself in my lap. I love it when he does that -- he'll just back himself up and plop down and I get to smell how sweet his hair smells and snuggle.

Then the tables were getting set with all the snack goodies, and Zack saw COOKIES, and wanted them immediately. Well, they were supposed to sing songs for us first, and they also must wait for everyone to be seated before they can eat. So Zack throws himself on the ground crying that he wants "dinner" (his word for any food on a plate). Miss Shannon scooped him up and held him and they started their songs, and once they handed out the bells so they could do "Jingle Bells", he was right as rain. He's a ham and he loves those bells.

Finally got to "dinner" and he ate two little cookes, a few bites of cupcake (a big acheivement, he normally won't touch them) and that was it. Yay, sugar. The kids then got to see Santa and get presents. We left a little early because Zack was more than ready (so he said) and wanted to go to "Nobu" which isn't that expensive restaurant in New York City, but rather, Barnes and Noble, where we go to get stuffed pretzels and play with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Did all that, and then we got home in time for a migraine to attack, so we all napped.

And finally, a shot of the Christmas tree this year, residing in my office:

Much prettier in person but it's so hard to get a really good Christmas tree shot, with all the lights, you know?

Things are finally slowing down, too. Sent out Express orders this morning, have customers coming on Thursday, and then I think I get to breathe a little! Time to finish up my New Year product launch!

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