Wednesday, December 14, 2005

new necklace!

I just got in some awesome Bali silver and this heart pendant just screamed for these pearls I've been saving. LOVE the color. At one show this fall, the first sale I made was the necklace I was wearing -- the sweater was the same color as those pearls, so hmmm.... should I keep this one?

Nah. If you want it, click here

Got a lot of boro bead bracelets made today, but my camera and I didn't have a meeting of the minds, so no photos. I am pretty sure that Santa is bringing me a new camera with better focusing capabilities, so let's hope! I just love boro glass, better even than soft glass. Unfortunately, boro glass is a lot more expensive than traditional lampwork glass, but it's hard to beat the look! Take a look at this piece, made by 5 Fish Designs :

Their work is AMAZING and they just got beads put in the Bead Museum and I can't wait to go see!

Be sure to check out their web site --

Long day tomorrow, so off to bed! Santa's coming soon, so BE NICE!

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