Sunday, December 18, 2005

New computer!

Colin is home! Rick left here at 2am to drive to Yale and pick up Colin, back by 2pm. I had a new computer waiting for his experience to set up -- he's a wizard, that kid. He has built more than a couple computers and I just don't know how he manages to keep all his smarts stuffed in his brain. Anyway, upshot of it is, I have a new computer and I didn't have to spend many hours cursing at it trying to transfer files! And MUCH faster, too.

Zack and I had our little shopping trip today -- never made it to Barnes and Noble and very nearly never made it to Target, as our first stop (Marshalls) netted him a new Thomas toy. He was ALL about getting home to put it together. It's this electronic thing and you don't really do much other than sit and watch it and I don't get how little kids can DO that for hours at a time. But it keeps him happy, and didn't cost me a thing, since I got a VISA gift card in the mail from doing some phone survey ages ago. Bonus!

Oh, and The Rule of Four -- excellent! Spent WAY too much time awake last night reading it, and getting ready to do the same thing right now!

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