Friday, December 23, 2005

in 2006....

A friend and I were laughing today and decided this was the mantra for 2006.....

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  1. Ohh ... I wish it would have worked .. (the "NO DRAMA" mantra for 2006). I know this comment is for an OLD posting of yours, but I still thought it needed a comment. I was curious how your blog was in the beginning so I had to go back and see, since it was there .. lol. Maybe if more of us try and help stop the drama, it might make a difference. Personally though, I don't think "we" as a society would know how to handle life without drama, BUT, I sure would LOVE to find out !
    Thank you for sharing all that you share with us .. from what I've read so far, we could ALL learn a lot from you .. :)


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