Saturday, December 03, 2005

Funny thing happened today!

A funny-ha-ha thing happened today.

Months ago, I entered Fire Mountain Gems beading contest. I never expected to win, largely because I don't really use much of their stuff anymore and as the jewelry had to be made entirely of their components, my options were limited. But I thought, what the heck, I'll just try, and put together a VERY simple necklace.

The contest ended this week and I hadn't gotten an email from them, and the longer I looked, the more I really didn't like the necklace, anyway, so I took it apart. Zack wanted to play with the mother of pearl nuggets, anyway.

Today, I was opening the mail and there was an envelope from Fire Mountain -- I figured it was one of the standard "thanks for your entry but no thanks" letters. Imagine my surprise when it said that while I hadn't won, I was a finalist, and they needed the necklace to photograph for their catalog!

Holy moly! I had to laugh. I have to put it back together again, which isn't difficult, but I guess that will teach me!

The other funny thing was a new nickname my husband came up with for this girl who keeps thinking she came up with every beading design known to man, no matter how simple it is or the fact that any search on the internet shows a million of the same idea. He calls her the Al Gore of the Beading World -- Al Gore thinks he invented the internet, this girl thinks she invented bead stringing! That gave me a good giggle.

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