Monday, December 12, 2005

Finally, the Santa photos

I finally got a couple minutes free time to post the Santa pictures! I've been a busy elf at the beading table for a long time, but had to get these up, because Zack is just too cute.

Guppys has this wonderful event each year called Dessert with Santa. The kids get to come and play in an environment they know (unlike the lines at the mall) and Santa stops in to visit. At first, Zack was a little apprehensive, and stood on the outskirts of the group, just watching the action.

When he finally got the nerve to go up to Santa, he still wasn't at all sure about getting on his lap. Can't say I blame him -- strange men with beards kind of scare me, too!

Then Santa gave Zack a coloring book, which earned some trust -- I thought this picture was cute, since it looks like Zack is reading off his Christmas list to Santa!

And we finally got Zack on Santa's lap, but as you can see, he was less than interested. I guess he knows that Mommy and Daddy are really behind all the cool gifts!

Well actually, Nana and PopPop are behind some cool gifts, too -- they were here all last week, and Zack got his first remote control car. VERY cool toddler car, goes forwards only, but it took him no time at all to figure out all four buttons on the "mote" (remote". LOVES it, and I think he likes it all the more because it's a Mercedes, just like Daddy's car (which just hit 300,000 miles, and is running as well as ever, can you believe it?)

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