Saturday, December 24, 2005


Last night we went to the house of one of Rick's co-workers, who throws a kids' craft party. Really fun, with lots to do -- Zack got into the rubber stamps (for gift bags) and the glitter (for glitter pinecones). Decorating cookies wasn't for him -- he just ate a huge plain one!

Today all the boys all watched a lot of football, and fed the cats catnip -- their annual treat this time of year! Zack is VERY excited about presents, which is cool as this is really the first Christmas that's he's really understood what all is going on. Our neighbors from across the street came over with their two little boys with a watercolor painting book (Thomas the Tank Engine, of course!) and Zack spent a lot of time all day going back to that and playing. He's never had the kind of paints where you dip the brush in water first -- he's always had the paint-in-the-bottle kind, so he was really interested in how it all worked.

I, on the other hand, spent a pleasant day clearing my desk of the stacks and stacks of magazines I had to look through, and learning a bunch of new chain maille weaves -- which are as addictive as knitting! Made a helm chain bracelet and a bunch of different earrings, all of which need to get tossed in the tumbler tomorrow.

Made Indian food (chicken Tandoori) for dinner -- tomorrow night is traditional, spice-brined roast turkey, mashed potatoes, etc. But Zack still won't touch it. It's peanut butter and jelly or fish sticks for him, darn it.

I plan to get up at 6am tomorrow so I can beat Zack's normal rising time -- want to get good pictures of him when he sees the HUGE box in front of the tree that magically materialized since the time he went to bed!

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