Sunday, December 04, 2005

Busy day!

I spent a lot of today working -- the International Jewelry Designers Guild had their Virtual Trunk Show and I hosted an hour-long chat about crystals -- their origin, all about vintage, things like that. Finally cleared my desk of about ten pounds of paperwork, and have a stack of orders that need to get done tomorrow for shipment. Then we took Zack to Guppys for Dessert with Santa. I'll have photos of that tomorrow! He didn't cry this year, but was still much more interested in playing than sitting on Santa's lap.

He has been so funny -- he's been walking around with a toy train catalog going, "DIS ONE!" and pointing to the Polar Express train -- making sure Daddy and I both know he wants THAT train! Too cute.

I just got a really cool book -- Playmakers, The Origins of Timeless Toys -- SO interesting to read about how things like Silly Putty and Mr. Potato Head came about. There's actually a lot of history learned while reading this, too, as things like World War II and rationing had a part in how many things changed. I highly recommend taking a look at it next time you're at the bookstore!

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