Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Wedding in December

Just finished Anita Shreve's A Wedding in December -- very good, and one that made me think. It's more or less about the "one that got away", and meeting up with that first love again after an entire life has been lived. I often think about people from my past, but there's really only one that I wonder about.

I love my husband Rick with all my heart, and I can't even believe the things we had to go through to finally meet up again 10 years after our first introduction -- it's a wonderful story that never fails to make me smile. But there is always that one person, met when your life wasn't fully "formed", as it were -- someone who always holds meaning in your heart. Luis and I used to joke that when were were in our sixties and old and gray, if we weren't with anyone, we'd get back together. I hear from him every six months or so, a quick, friendly, "how are you" with photos of kids and spouses and updates about jobs and health. This book made me think about our first meeting years and years ago, and because I'm so happy in my marriage, the memories are happy rather than poignant and sad, as they long ago used to be.

So what to read next? I think it's Girl With Pearl Earring, and then I have to get Wicked to reread before starting Son of a Witch -- got SOAW at the library but realized I really wanted to read Wicked again, too.

Back to work -- another big show coming on Thanksgiving weekend, and I sold almost all of my inventory this past weekend, so I need to get cracking!

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    Hey, cutie pie. I think about you more than you'll ever know...



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