Monday, November 07, 2005


Long day. Took Zack to the doctor this morning because he said "ear hurt", which is the first time he's been able to actually tell me when something doesn't feel good. He's a very healthy child, has only been sick a couple of times, fortunately. He has the start of an ear infection (ouch) and a sore throat, which I now have. Feel fine other than that. Had a skin cancer screening today, and thankfully got a clean bill of health -- been worrying about that for a while.

Got a huge shipment of crystal in today and got it sorted out and am now waiting for my new printer to arrive tomorrow so I can print postage to the 30-odd people who bought it. What a time for my printer sensors to die!

Still have a million and one things to do before Thursday, when we leave for the show. I have an appointment on Wednesday with a new store that wants to carry my jewelry, and I sold a ton to one of my best customers, so I'm trying to squeeze in more beading time but I'm not sure how much more sleep I can lose before I start to see things! It's all a rush, though, because it's so much fun to do these shows and talk to people and really see their reactions to things. Plus, I get two helpers this time, two friends who are fellow beaders who are selflessly giving up their time.

Got a load of books in the mail today, too, but haven't had a chance to unpack them -- already forgot what I ordered so it'll be like Christmas! Love books. So glad that Rick and Zack love them, too.

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