Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween photos

This was the first year that Zack was excited about Halloween! Last year, we had his costume on for about two minutes before he was DONE. So this year, we did without the costume and just did the orange sweatpants/pumpkin face t-shirt and we did much better!

The night started with Mommy giving Zack his first candy, Smarties and a lollypop. He's never seen Smarties before so held onto those for a while.

We then met up with my friend Shannon and her two kids, Lexi and Jake. Zack immediately took off down the sidewalk with them, going up to doors and saying his version of "trick or treat" and "thank you". Our neighborhood gets a LOT of kids, so many of the parents were sitting on the steps handing out candy and watching the parade of goblins.

There were a few houses that really went all out. The one photo shows Shannon helping Zack pick a piece of candy out of a bowl. Not sure if you can tell, but there's a body in that bin holding the bowl... he has his head down in the photo, but when people went for the candy, he jumped! Didn't scare Zack but it terrified a few kids! Unfortunately, my photo of his sisters didn't show up well -- they had a table next to his bin, and one girl had her head coming up through the table cloth, like it was a head-on-a-platter. They really worked hard on their display!

We came home and Zack immediately asked for chocolate. He got a little bite of some and then was fine with putting it away. Of course, this morning, the first thing he asks for is "candy", but I managed to direct him to something else!

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