Monday, November 28, 2005

back from the show!

What a show! The new convention center is amazing and it really brought out the crowds. Friday, some people had to wait 30 minutes in line to get in. I had never seen lines like that for a craft show! Saw a lot of customers from the spring show and met up with a lot of the vendors, who are like an extended family.

It was great to spend the weekend with family and true friends. Ryan and Colin were in town and we had rented a house at Fort Story again and it was terrific -- much more peaceful and fun than the last time we went. Friday night we had our Thanksgiving dinner, and even though we had a full kitchen, we were limited to pots and pans and utensils, so we got a lot of comic relief trying to get the country ham split apart and in the oven -- Rick and the boys all tried to man-handle it and rip it apart like cave men.

Saturday we had dinner with our friend Diane and tried to convince Zack to try new food (no go on that one). Then Sunday, after the show ended, I took Zack to see the Boardwalk Christmas lights. That was a real treat. I got him a strobe Santa light stick thing as we waited in the line of cars -- one of those cheap toys that will break if you look at it but is a must, anyway. Then we drove up and ordered Christmas cookies, and at the ticket booth, they were waiting for us (very cool). Then we drove down the boardwalk looking at the most amazing light display. Zack just loved it -- it was his first experience with anything like that.

The web site is in need of updating as most of it has sold now, so will be working on that all week, and making new things, after I get all the custom work done. November is always an exhausting month.

Books -- I am in the middle of Anansi Boys which I was prepared not to like but have been pleasantly surprised. A different sort of book but I like the humor of Fat Charlie.

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