Wednesday, November 09, 2005

added a new store today

Had a lovely visit with Trade Whims, a new store in Easton. I went in the other day with Zack and could have spent FAR more time browsing their wonderful fabrics and yarns. They purchased a number of semi-precious gemstone pieces, which I think goes well with the theme of their store. I ended up buying some yarn, too, and talked to their fiber artisan -- her knit work is luscious! I need to learn how to do invisible cast-on for a scarf I want to do, and she's going to help me with that. I stink at learning things from a book -- I have to watch someone do it and then I can get it.

Getting ready to pack up to leave tomorrow for the Northern Virginia Christmas Market -- I'm bummed, my friend Melissa is really sick and can't come up as she had planned. Poor girl, she has to have her tonsils out.

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