Friday, October 21, 2005

One Ebay auction ended, one to go

The Ebay auction for the Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet ended tonight - thanks for the bids! Cassie Donlen herself donated money as well, so the entire cost of the bracelet, not just 50%, will be going to the fund.

Ebay may be tough for selling artisan jewelry, but my shows and web site still keep me so busy it's not even funny. Two years ago when I started this little venture with a pair of pliers from Walmart and some cheap India glass beads from Fire Mountain, I had no idea things would turn out so well! What a major change my jewelry has made from then to now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my wonderful customers. And Zack's college fund thanks you, too.

The web site will be updated again over the weekend -- have a lot of pretty things to show you! I've been madly working for my next two shows, which are large, three-day events, building up inventory, but I can't help but put a lot of the new things on the site.

This has been such a busy week -- have made the acquaintance of a wonderful lampwork bead artist, Marilyn Jones. She found my site via a friend and we've had some wonderful email chats, and I can't wait to play with her beads! I have a lot of ideas already for her fish and turtles for next summer! Be sure to check out her web site.

More and more as the days go by, especially these past few days, I've been thankful for the friends I have, both "in the flesh" as well as internet friends. I've always been amazed at how the people you think will be your friends forever are the ones that fade away, or fail you, but those who you thought didn't have an opinion end up being the ones that remember you with fondness. I had a wonderful blast-from-the-past this week on email that reminded me of that, and to never take the friends you make in passing for granted. Sometimes, we give too much time to people that are a total waste of energy. Thankfully, in my life, that hasn't happened too often.

So words for the day -- don't burn bridges, be kind, enjoy life, because it's a full circle -- it all does come back to the type of person you were in your life.

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