Wednesday, October 12, 2005

more jewelry coming soon...

I promise. I have a show this Friday and am getting over a killer migraine, but I have two big bowls of pretty stuff ready to be photographed and scanned. It takes so much time to keep up with the web site, you just wouldn't believe. Invaluable, yes. Easy, no.

Anyway, getting ready to go upstairs and finish my book and hopefully start another (got two new ones from Amazon today, yippee!) but here's a new necklace to feast your eyes on -- blue lace agate with a chalcedony druzy pendant. The druzy was courtesy of my beading friend Lesley. In case you're wondering what the heck druzy is, it's essentially a layer of tiny crystals, like the inside of a geode. The texture is really interesting and the glitter and glimmer is awesome.

I'll be posting in on my web site soon -- but if you must have it NOW, email me at and make it your own.

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