Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Exciting evening at the Anderson house

Well, we'd just put Zack to bed -- I was finishing paperwork, Rick was loading the dishwasher, and we were settling in for an evening of watching CSI DVDs and making jewelry (me) and snoozing on the couch (Rick). I wandered into the kitchen for a drink just as Rick started the dishwasher.

Horrible noise, bad vibration, then KAPOW! Water shooting EVERYWHERE from underneath the sink. And not just a little bit -- more water than we normally experience in our showers. And did I mention it was HOT water? All heck breaks loose as Rick suddenly loses his mind. Both of us are under the sink (both wearing glasses -- did I mention that HOT water steams things up fast?) trying to turn the valves off.

That does nothing.

By this time, there is water STANDING in the kitchen, making its way into the living room, dining room, and mud room. I yell, "TURN OFF THE MAIN VALVE!" and Rick yells back, "IT'S OUTSIDE!" and I yell back, "RUN!".

Rick runs -- but he's barefoot. And did I mention that we have standing water? KABOOM. Down goes Rick. Hard. I scream, thinking surely to goodness he's cracked his head wide open.

But adrenaline is rushing and he shakes it off and tears outside, barefoot, in shorts and a t-shirt (it's 40° here) and runs to the shut off valve, which is across the yard, at the sidewalk, underground. Why? The only other shut off valve is UNDER the house. And we don't have a basement.

Yep, our house was built by Idiot, Stupid, and Moron.

I'm still trying to turn off valves that I've already turned/stick my finger anywhere to make the leak stop/trying not to get steam burns and Rick rips back through the house.

The valve that's outdoors, underground, in a hole?

It's stuck.

So he races to the garage to look for a vise grip or pair of pliers. Luckily, Rick's tool pegboard actually had tools on it this time. Back out to the hole in the ground to try and blindly cut the water off. Since we've had rain for about a week, he's up to his shoulder in cold, muddy water.

And at last, the water is turned off.

We are both completely soaked, more than a little freaked out, and hoping like heck that the wet/dry vac that I bought seven years ago still works. Thank goodness, it does. After emptying that sucker out three times, we have the water out of the house -- VERY glad that we've ripped up most of the carpet and put in laminate wood floors!

So that was OUR night, how was yours?

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