Sunday, September 04, 2005

Zack's surgery scheduled

Zack's surgery to release the tension on his tongue is set for September 27th. We have to be at Johns Hopkins at 6am, which means we leave the house at 4:30am. I hope Zack will fall back asleep in the car but that's doubtful. He can't eat or drink, either, and I'm just hoping he'll do ok. The worst part of it will be when they have to start an IV -- the times when they've had to draw blood from him in the past, I couldn't stay in the room -- Rick had to take over. I just cry and cry and that's upsetting to Zack when he's already a mess. I'm so fortunate that Rick is such a hands-on Daddy, going to every single doctor's appointment and making things more soothing for the Zack-man.

The auction for Hurricane Katrina relief is going nicely. My heart keeps breaking when I hear things on the news. Just heard that a New Orleans police officer committed suicide when he found his wife's body. I have no idea how these poor people are coping. Today when we were out and about, we saw a drop-off point for clothes, so I'm going to take these huge bags of Zack's old baby clothes there. They've been sitting in the bottom of his closet for ages waiting for me to put them on Ebay, but this makes MUCH more sense.

We'll be rounding up toys, too. I remember that there was a flood back when I was little, maybe 5 years old, and we went to go see how our friend Sarah and her family had fared. I remember being so upset because Brian, their son, had lost all his toys. As a five year old, that was just a horrible thought. All of those little kids, they're going to need something to hold onto and distract them for just a few minutes, if that's even possible.

Found an excellent site for those of us with extra rooms -- check it out and pass it on.

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