Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Our Day Out With Thomas

Here are some photos from our Day Out With Thomas!

We all had SO much fun. Strasburg is in Amish country so Zack saw lots of horses and buggies, cows, things like that. We stayed in a hotel that was a replica of a steamship -- he thought that was pretty cool.

While we waited for our turn to ride on Thomas, we went around to a bunch of the tents they had set up. This particular tent had all sorts of train tables set up, including this electric set. Zack has a small oval electric set in our bedroom and then a wooden train table in the living room -- but he'd never seen anything like this huge electric set up!

More train tables to try out....

So now it's our turn to ride on Thomas! Zack was VERY excited about that. He was SO good, didn't complain about sitting still for ten minutes before we left, and was VERY into the whole thing. So much so that we were glad that we had bought extra tickets -- the Thomas ride is only about ten minutes, but we asked him if he wanted to go on a longer ride, and he said "OK!" very emphatically, so off we go on a 45 minute ride through the country.

Check out Mr. Cool -- on the way back, we stopped at a picnic area and the conductor let about 30 Amish kids hitch a ride. Two little girls sat with us, and Zack started alternated playing shy and flirting.

He still hadn't had his fill of train rides, as you can

Unfortunately, my photos of the Toy Train Museum didn't turn out well, but WHAT a cool place. They had five different tracks running with these amazing trains, all different gauges, the really neat, detailed, expensive stuff. We could have spent ages in there.

All in all, a fabulous trip.

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